Golf and Whisky Tour Scotland

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Golf and whisky tours Scotland

Many things have been provided to the world by Scotland, golf and whisky are 2 of the most well known and loved Scottish creations.

It can be an unparalleled joy to toast a game of golf with a matured single malt. Golf is a 500-year-old game, and arguably a golf tour is one of the best ways to see Scotland.

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Scotland every year because of its rich heritage of golf and whisky. When it comes to Scotland, both the game and the drink are likely to be significant features of any tour.

Whisky and golf

The history of whiskey in Scotland dates back to when monks in Europe spread word on how to make wine using grapes. Grapes being unavailable in Scotland, the monks here used a grain mash that became an early type of whiskey. The monks called this early whiskey “uisge beatha”, which translates to “water of life”.

Golf was created in Scotland and was developed from a pastime played near Edinburgh. In the early days, competitors would attempt to knock a stone over sand dunes and tracks with a bent stick or club. An interesting fact is that golf and football were banned in 1457 as it was seen as a distraction to soldiers. James II is quoted as decreeing that “futeball and golfe be utterly cried down.” 

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What is the best time of the year to visit Scotland for a golf and whisky tour ?

The ideal time to visit Scotland for a golf and whiskey tour is during the summer (typically between April and September). At this time, most distilleries and golf courses are open every day. They normally have less availability during the winter months. Please be aware if you have never been to Scotland before that the Scottish weather can be very unpredictable. It is advised to bring clothing for all weather conditions, even if visiting in the summer.

Scottish Golf and Whisky Tours by area

Scotland is split up into different regions, from the Highlands in the north to Dumfries and Galloway in the south. Each of these regions has its own unique and stunning scenery. Interesting to us is that each region also has its own golf courses and whiskey distilleries. We have split our list into areas of Scotland and mentioned some of the best golf courses and whiskey distilleries in the area to include in your tour. If you are interested in seeing a Scotland Distilleries map then our sister site has a new blog post that includes a map of over 30 whisky distilleries in Scotland!.

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Golf and whisky tour Scotland – Highlands

The Highlands are a beautiful mix of mountains, lochs and waterways. A notoriously difficult terrain to cross. The geography encouraged seclusion and independence. This seclusion led to the birth of fierce fighting tribal groups we know as “clans”.

Golf courses in the Highlands

Royal Dornoch Golf Club

The famed Royal Dornoch Golf Club’s links are one of the major outposts of international golf and one of the best golf courses in the world. The only reason that this course stays outside of the of major championships is because of its remoteness.

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Castle Stuart Golf Links

The Scottish Open golf competition has been held at Castle Stuart Golf Club near Inverness. Castle Stuart, while being new in construction, looks and feels at least a century old. This makes it a must-see course on every Scottish Highland golf trip.

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Whisky distilleries in the Highlands

Nc’nean, Morvern

Ncn’ean is a fledgling independent whisky distillery on the Morvern peninsula. It is mainly focusing on generating new flavors and sustainable manufacturing. The distillery opened in July 2017 and is said to be Scotland’s first organic distillery.

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Clynelish, Sutherland

Clynelish is delighted to be one of Johnnie Walker’s Four Corners distilleries. They produce a rich Highland Malt that is loved all over the world on its own and as a key ingredient in Johnnie Walker whiskies.

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Golf and whisky tour Scotland Perthshire

Golf and whisky tour Scotland – Perthshire

Perthshire is regarded as the “huge county” because of its size and position as Scotland’s fourth-biggest historic county. From the lush agricultural straths in the east to the high mountains of the southern Highlands, it boasts a really diverse scenery.

Golf courses in Perthshire

Aberfeldy Golf Club

Aberfeldy Golf Club was established in 1895 when the Marquis of Breadalbane donated property to the Burgh of Aberfeldy. The original 9-hole golf course ran along the south bank of the River Tay. It was built on what was then known as The Cour, a cow pasture area.

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Auchterarder Golf Club

The championship golf courses of Auchterarder Golf Club are recognized as among the greatest in the world. They offer a winning combination of natural beauty and golfing experience. Golf is at the very core of the estate’s long history as a sports estate, which dates back almost a century.

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Whisky distilleries in Perthshire


Discover the Dewar family’s quest for perfection in whisky at the distillery they established in 1898. Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery is the spiritual birthplace of America’s best-selling Scotch. They produce the wonderfully balanced single malt which is at the core of the Dewar’s mix.

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Deanston, which had been a cotton mill for 180 years, was converted into a distillery in the 1960s. Since then, it has been producing whisky using traditional techniques. Visit them to experience the sights, sounds, and aromas of a real operating distillery. They can also show you how they make the fantastic whisky, which is sweet, fruity, and spicy on the palate with a malty honeyed spiciness.

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Golf and whisky tour Scotland Argyll and Bute